Thursday, 20 November 2014

Guess where we've been....?

Today the children enjoyed a train journey to Heerlan in Holland courtesy of Paul Alzer from Parkstadt Limburg. We caught the 9:32 train and enjoyed many of the wonderful sights along the way. On arrival, Paul met us and talked about the refurbishment planned for the station and the wonderfully designed bus station. 

Paul very kindly brought each of us a baseball hat with 'iba parkstad' written on. We wore them with pride all day. In return we gave Paul a gift...a hoodie matching our own but with the Dutch flag on, and Padiham to Heerlan on the back!

Paul showed us around his home town for over an hour. We saw some 2000 year old Roman thermal baths where hot water would naturally heat the pools from under the ground. We took a trip into a Dutch library and saw many illustrations from the famous Pippi Longstocking books. After spotting a variety of fabulous and creative sculptures around the city, we headed off on our next treat....a trip to the Gaia zoo!!

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  1. How kind of Paul for your caps cool! Love u loads owen xxx