Thursday, 20 November 2014

An unbelievable last night....

Last night was the perfect end to our incredible trip. We had a final surprise from Paul Alzer who, together with Kai, Andreas, Tim and Uwe, took us out for an Italian meal at the Labrynth restaurant in Aachen! After using our new German phrases to order our food, we ate a range of entrees before our pizza and pasta arrived. As a token thank you for all their efforts in making our trip so memorable, We gave the guys some hoodies which matched ours and they are promising to wear them with pride next week at their big Citizens Rail meeting!! 

The evening was fabulous, we all chatted whilst eating and drinking with each other, laughing and remembering all the highlights of our trip. Everyone looked beautiful with their hair and nails done. The night ended all too quickly however, as we were leaving we were presented with more gifts!!!! One of those gifts was a huge Aachen printed biscuit which we saw on a statue during our Aachen tour on Tuesday. Alicia posed with the biscuit just as the little girl on the statue did :)


  1. Wonderful Italian my favourite! !!!

  2. Best school, best teachers, best kids. What more can I say other than THANK YOU. See you soon.