Thursday, 20 November 2014

Gaia Zoo

What an amazing day at the Gaia zoo. It was nothing like the zoo's we have seen in England! First of all there were Dutch houses with the animals in and an amazing Dinodome which was the biggest indoor fun place we've ever seen. There were boats to play in with water to cross, fossils to find in the sans and 5 floors of climbing ropes! We had a lovely meal in the cafe and ate traditional Dutch sausage with chips and a drink. After lunch we saw such a range of animals and played I'm a celebrity get me out of here on the Jungle Tour Wooden Playzone!
Just before we left Paul surprised us one again,....with a cuddly monkey each!! He has been a super tour guide and a very generous man. Thank you so much!

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  1. Zoo looks amazing.. Owen you ok with those spiders ha ha ha!! So theres another 29 monkey's coming home on the coach? Thank you Paul. Xx Owen mum