Wednesday, 19 November 2014


Today was a real treat and a pleasure as the children and staff from Domsingschule welcomed us into their assembly auditorium, classroom and even their playground. After our short Padiham presentation, the German children accepted us so well and instantly engaged the children in conversations about siblings and pets! Mrs De'Ath was amazed by how much the school looked and felt like Hogwarts, steeped in history.

 The children shared a music lesson and plenty of conversation before embarking upon an art lesson lead by Alastair. 
Here is Brian from Comunity Rail Lancashire taking part in some Transnational railway education to facilitate the artwork.

The art session, based on sights of Aachen, was followed by playtime where a Germany v England football match took place. With green jumpers dominating the field, the match was a great collaboration... although we were truly defeated!

Our joint music lesson was also an Incredible experience and left us all very much overwhelmed. Mr Wright and Mrs Ennis both said it was the highlight of their teaching career. 


  1. Hi, Guy's, It looks like you have all made lots of new friends ...... hope your all having a fab time it looks like you are. from Fayes mum and dad and sister Kira x x

  2. What amazing experiences you are all having! Jack H Cameron said he loves and misses you and Katie said she loves you and wants to know if you want some toast with chocolate spread on? haha (Crazy sister) We all can not wait until we see you Friday not long now :)

  3. Looksreally smart that german school. Hope u had a good time today alfie and the rest of u? Love u. Mum xxx